Spending Challenge

The Spending Challenge 2010 sought to reduce the deficit by cutting public spending in a way that was fair and responsible, and asked for the views of the public to enable the Government to do this as effectively as possible.

Whilst the official campaign has now ended, please be assured that work continues to ensure that spending is as fair and equal as possible.

If you have any queries regarding this campaign then please do not hesitate to send them to tellgeoffrey@geoffreycox.co.uk.


I’m not currently an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election on 12th December 2019. This website will not be updated during the election campaign and is for reference of my work when I was a Member of Parliament.

To contact me during the campaign please call my campaign office on 01409 335015 or email me on 
or visit 

Geoffrey will continue to work on urgent casework during dissolution and, for casework only, please contact 01822 612925.