School Funding

13th March 2014
After 14 years of campaigning for fairer funding for schools, Geoffrey Cox, MP for Torridge and West Devon, has welcomed the Government announcement today that schools in Devon will receive an additional £16.2 million of extra funding in 2015/16, to address a historic unfairness in the way school funding is allocated. 
The MP met local primary school heads and governors in West Devon at a recent meeting to discuss his campaign to persuade the government of the case for improved resources for Devon’s schoolchildren, and last year brought the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, to Bideford to listen to the principals of Bideford College and of Holsworthy and Great Torrington Schools. 
The money is part of a proposed £350 million boost to the most underfunded local authorities, with funding being allocated to local areas based on the actual characteristics of their pupils and schools, rather than simply on the basis of historic levels of spending.
Geoffrey Cox said: “The school funding system we inherited from Labour is unfair. It is a postcode lottery that results in pupils attracting very different levels of funding without good reason.
“In Devon this has historically led to pupils receiving almost £400 less per pupil, which is simply not enough, especially given the additional challenges faced by schools in rural areas such as transport.
“I have campaigned for many years to see this unfairness removed, and I am therefore extremely pleased by today’s announcement. This is not only very good news for Torridge and West Devon, with its a mix of coastal and rural schools which traditionally have suffered from vastly less financial provision relative to the mean, it also represents a huge step towards removing the unfairness in the school funding system across England.”