NHS Tech Transformation

26th July 2018

Geoffrey Cox QC, Member of Parliament for Torridge and West Devon, has welcomed the £40.3 million tech-funding boost for the NHS in the South West of England, including £8.78m for Devon.

The funding plans were announced by the Health and Social Care Secretary as part of a half a billion pound national package, available immediately to the NHS, to rollout innovative technology aimed at improving efficiency, enhancing patient safety and helping more patients access health services at home.

Under initial plans for the funding, the South West is to receive up to £40.3million over three years until 2020/21, broken down into £10.1m for 2018/19, £9.03m for 2019/20, and £22.1m for 2020/21.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr Cox said: “Technology has revolutionised our public health services and the capacity of the medical profession to diagnose, offer treatments and manage care in the best interests of patients.

“In this 70th anniversary year for the NHS, I welcome the funding boost for our health services which will enable them to explore technological innovations designed to improve efficiency and safety for both patients and NHS staff.” 

Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary, said: “Because we are one NHS, our health system is uniquely placed to become the most advanced health system in the world – one where technology addresses the user need - making care better for patients, but just as importantly making life easier for staff.

“For too long, decisions on health and care have seemed to involve a trade-off – improving patient outcomes at the expense of placing ever more pressure on staff, while reducing the demands on staff has been seen to have an impact on patient care.

“Technology and data innovation offers an opportunity to move past this binary approach.”

The Health and Social Care Secretary will point to existing technological innovations to demonstrate the many benefits that embed use of technology can bring – for example Scan4Safety where barcode tracking in hospitals is enabling staff to track all patients and their treatments, manage medical supplies and the effectiveness of equipment.

The funding will be formally allocated once bids from local ‘Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships’ are submitted and approved.

The Government will launch a consultation exercise on workforce issues shortly, looking at issues including bullying and harassment and diversity.

The Health and Social Care Secretary will also convene a panel of a panel of clinical and professional advisers, from a cross-section of the NHS and social care workforce, to advise on issues affecting staff.

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