Holsworthy Hospital

14th March 2017

Geoffrey Cox said:
“MPs are often given advance notice by public authorities and organisations on the condition of confidentiality or "under embargo" so that they are able to take steps to respond quickly once the announcement is made. In this case, the NDDHT informed me that it wished to ensure that it had the opportunity to inform the hospital staff privately beforehand of its "unavoidable" decision to close the beds temporarily and that it did not wish them to learn of the decision from the press. I was asked as a condition of being given this advance notice that I respect that wish. It was right to do so.

“In the meantime, I was able to arrange a meeting with the Secretary of State for Health at the Health Department to raise with him directly my concerns at the closure of beds in Torridge and in Holsworthy and to draw to his attention those of the community and the need for close monitoring of the process of change here. I have also met and am in continuing dialogue with the Hospitals Minister, Philip Dunne, about the issue and I have convened a meeting with the Chief Executive and senior officers of the NDDHT, which is to take place shortly, among other things to review the position of Holsworthy Hospital and the grounds for the temporary closure of its beds.

“Ultimately, this is a matter for the Trust who are the only body with the legal power to make these decisions but I have made it plain that I will monitor closely its actions and oppose any move to close the beds in Holsworthy permanently; at our meeting, I shall be requiring detailed and clear justification for their temporary closure.

“Finally, I am aware that there is a public meeting in Holsworthy on Wednesday evening. I would very much like to have attended that meeting but next week Parliament is debating the final stages of the Bill to bring into effect the referendum decision to leave the EU and I am unable to be in Holsworthy. I have asked others to attend to observe on my behalf and the Mayor has agreed to read out a statement to those present.”

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