EU Renegotiation

4th February 2016

Geoffrey Cox Q.C., Member of Parliament for Torridge and West Devon, today announced that having previously withheld judgement on the EU referendum, he now feels compelled to vote and campaign to leave.

The MP told the House of Commons in a speech today that, having examined the renegotiation proposals to be put to the European Council by the UK Government, they could not adequately address the concerns of the thousands of constituents who have made clear their unease at the direction of travel of the European Union.

Geoffrey Cox said: “After years and months of wrestling with my conscience, and with the competing arguments for and against our membership of the EU, the UK Government renegotiation proposals, which represent only very modest progress, have caused me to conclude that the case for leaving the EU is overwhelming. 

“We do not need to be afraid of resuming full control over the government of our country and it is clear that our partners are unwilling to make the necessary adjustments to tackle the fundamental and deeply entrenched problems of the European Union.”

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