2018 New Year Message

27th December 2017

I hope all my constituents and readers of the North Devon Journal have had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.

As political events over the past year, at home and abroad, have demonstrated, it is futile to try to predict accurately the events of the year ahead.

Yet there is very little doubt about this Government’s programme for 2018.

Our negotiations to withdraw from the European Union and fulfill the democratic decision of the British electorate will continue. They may not always go smoothly and there may be times, amidst media scrambles for headlines, when it appears the process may be close to breaking down. But I am confident that before we reach the critical date in early 2019, this Government will have put in place the key legislation, agreed an implementation period and prepared our citizens, industry and businesses for the day of our departure.

During the EU withdrawal negotiations, the normal programme of government is continuing and 2018 is set to be a very busy year in the House of Commons. The Government will be taking forward legislation to allow us to control our own borders (Immigration Bill), replace the Common Agriculture Policy (Agriculture Bill), enable the UK to control access to its waters (Fisheries Bill) and put in place the framework to allow Britain to strike trade deals with countries across the world (Trade Bill).

While EU negotiations may dominate the headlines in the coming months, the Government is also getting on with other priorities. This year will be ground-breaking for scientific and digital advancements as, for example,  we edge closer to curing more diseases, understanding more about the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence and seeing driverless cars on our roads. The Government’s Automated & Electric Vehicles Bill and Space Industry Bill are the first steps to enabling exciting new technologies to operate safely from the UK and secure our credentials as world leaders in technological innovation.

Britain’s was the fastest growing economy in the G7 last year and this year, despite gloomy prognostications and inevitable uncertainties, the final figures showed that growth remained steady. Manufacturing orders are at their strongest since 1988 and unemployment is at its lowest since 1975. We live in a stable and liberal democracy, based on the rule of law, we have a significant role in maintaining international peace and security and we are open to the world for business.

Throughout 2018, I will be focusing first and foremost on the interests of the residents of Torridge & West Devon. If ever you feel I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch either by emailing geoffrey.cox.mp@parliament.uk or by writing to me at the House of Commons.

May I wish you the very best for 2018.

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